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I have put up this website to share a little common sense about subjects that affect my industry.

For many years the drinking of softened water was misunderstood, media-hyped and caused much confusion in our market place. It caused me much confusion too, so I studied the subject as best I could and eventually wrote a book about it. You can download a copy here Download Softened Drinking Water Booklet, or there’s an overview in this information sheet.

The current major issue affecting our industry is that of the use of softened water in central heating systems where the boiler contains an aluminium heat exchanger.

As of August 2008 I am trying to bring together the boiler manufacturers, the inhibitor manufacturers, the certifiers and the various trade associations, so that we can bring a sense of normality to what is currently a ridiculous situation.

We have many customers who have had water softeners installed for years who subsequently have a new boiler installed, whereupon the plumber turns around and then disconnects their water softener and tells them they can’t use it any more. That is not acceptable to anybody and yet the current situation is so confusing that this is what is happening.

So to find out how we got into this mess and how we can bring a little common sense into the arena please click on the aluminium boilers button to find out all about it.

If you have any useful, validated and referenced information to share with me then please do so by the contact button. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Harvey Bowden


If you are concerned about the corrosion of your aluminium heat exchanger in your central heating boiler that has been filled with softened water, you needn’t be. This is a myth!

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If you are concerned about drinking softened water you needn‘t be! We have all the facts here for you so rest assured, keep enjoying your water.

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